Spectrum Spatial Analyst – Web GIS Application


Spectrum Spatial Analyst takes the power of desktopGIS with its associated data and makes it available via the internet or intranet. Spectrum Spatial has unmatched accessibility, scalability, reliability, performance and cost savings. 

Spectrum Spatial is a web enabled GIS systemSpatial data can be viewed and analysed on any device to achieve efficiency by making data available to a much wider audience within any organisation.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is a Web GIS Application that opens up your data and makes it easy to communicate with your audience. Do you need to share your maps and insights with a wider audience? Do you want to spatially enable your entire organisation? Spectrum Spatial Analyst is designed to deliver rapid ROI. You can leverage existing investment in MapInfo Pro, to which it is closely integrated.  SSA has extensive visualisation capabilities and integration with powerful APIs, easily integrates with spatial databases and MapInfo Pro and ultimately benefits your organisation.

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