MapInfo SQL Training Course


MapInfo ProfessionalThe one-day SQL course is designed for users with a good knowledge of MapInfo, but who have difficulty getting to grips with query building and the management and use of queries.


It’s for those using any version of MapInfo Pro and is run as a hands-on session. Training notes are provided for back-up and revision purposes.


The course’s aim is to give the user the ability to use SQL within MapInfo and allow them to textually and spatially analyse data.

Courses can be delivered as a very detailed 1-to-1 course or as a private course for more trainees.  For course costs and available dates please contact us on the link below.


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MapInfo SQL Course Outline

1. The SQL Select dialogue box

  • Overview, with explanations of drop-downs and boxes
  • What data goes in which box
  • Grouping data by column
  • Sorting data by column
  • Selecting columns and formatting an answer
  • Browser shortcuts for all the above

2. Operators

  • Mathematical
  • Logical
  • Spatial

3. Aggregates

  • What they do and how they work
  • Count(*),  SIGMA and calculating statistics
  • SUM(), AVG(), MIN(), MAX() and weighting

4. Functions

  • What they do and how do they work
  • Maths functions
  • Date and time functions
  • String functions
  • Geographic functions

5. Joining Data

  • Why join data?
  • Spatial operators and geographic joins
  • Text based joins – inner or outer joins
  • Using data from joins 

6. Saving queries: Pros and cons

  • Saving query templates
  • Saving via a workspace
  • Saving queries as tables
  • Working with queries
  • Explanation of error messages