Consultancy Options


Mapchester has a wide range of Consultancy services to offer our clients. 

Bureau Mapping

Mapchester's Bureau mapping consultancy services provide customers with all the benefits of our skills and experience in MapInfo and map production work but without the software and associated training costs.  We can offer this service for both small, one-off projects and large long-term contracts.
Our aim is to offer a complete service, from collating several data sources to the conversion and editing of data, to recommending datasets, designing output requirements and specifications based upon client’s end-user needs.
We offer a range of output options, both hard copy and digital.  Different formats include MapInfo, ESRI Shape, CAD and PDF, as well as images formats like jpg, bmp and tiff files. For more information and costs please contact us.

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Analysis Work

Mapchester are experts in performing spatial calculations and analysis work.  Previous experience includes calculations for home-to-school distances, hot-spot and cluster analysis, Census and Postcode mapping for populations, demographics, and crime and health data.
Another area of expertise concentrates on routing, drive time and catchment area creation and analysis. Mapchester uses RouteFinder Pro for all this work. We are able to supply the software and offer training courses, support services and consultancy.  Projects previously undertaken by our consultants include:

  • Home to School distance calculations: from policy statements evaluation, advice on start and end point locations (gates, etc.), safe walking routes assessment and batch measurement processes.
  • Drivetime Catchments analysis: Population and census analysis based on walking and driving routes.

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Out Sourced Data Management

MapInfo Pro consumes data and information from a number of sources and in a variety of formats.  This leads to a requirement for suitable and efficient data management, within a controlled and documented environment.  Mapchester can assist with this process; whether it is recommending a data structure or putting one in place. We can assist at all stages of implementation. We have an abundance of experience in managing data for both public sector clients and private businesses.   
Ordnance Survey data can take up considerable time and management due to its varying types, terminology, update cycles, translations, copyrights, etc.  Mapchester’s consultants have almost two decades expertise working with Ordnance Survey digital data. This is utilised when managing client’s holdings. For more information and costs please contact us.

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