MapInfo Training Overview



Training is our lifeblood. It’s why Mapchester exists: so that you and your people can get the most out of MapInfo Pro and make it work for you.

If you don’t know what MapInfo Pro is, take a look at our software pages.

We’ll guide your team members through what they need to know about the software, comprehensively and efficiently.

Mapchester’s trainer, Nick Hall, has 20 years’ experience in delivering MapInfo Pro training and has a technical certification in MapInfo Pro from Precisely.  He’s taken private and public sector organisations by the hand and tailored tuition courses to their specific needs. He can come to you or you can come to him.

We offer the following courses:


Standard MapInfo Pro training

This two-day course is for those with little or no experience of using MapInfo Pro. It provides a solid base of understanding of the software which can then be built upon.

The session introduces users to the software’s functions and then develops their knowledge. It is suitable for self-taught trainees or those transferring their skills from other GIS systems.


Expert MapInfo Pro training

This one-day course is intended for experienced MapInfo Pro users. It focuses on the diverse functions of the software and making sure that the user understands how they can apply them.


MapInfo 32 to 64 bit Conversion Course

This one-day course is designed to help users with a good knowledge of the retired 32 bit version of MapInfo to transfer their knowledge to the new 64 bit version.

MapInfo SQL training

This one-day course is designed for users with a good knowledge of MapInfo. It is intended to help them use SQL to analyse data spatially and textually.


RouteFinder Pro for MapInfo Course

This one-day course is available for both the 32 and 64 bit versions.  The drivetime netwrok software allows users to add another dimension to their mapping functionality and analysis.

General information about Mapchester training courses

Our courses start at 9.30am and finish at around 4.30pm. Lunch and refreshments throughout the day are provided.

Mapchester’s public courses are held at 3 Piccadilly Place in Manchester and are restricted to no more than four delegates, to make the learning process easier. Each trainee has access to their own PC and a complete set of training notes, together with associated data if required.

Private MapInfo courses are also available and can be held at the client’s offices.

Our trainer, Nick Hall, has an extensive knowledge of MapInfo Pro software and its uses. He brings this and his innate ability to understand a user’s need to the Mapchester table. Nick’s sense of humour makes our training sessions fun as well as rewarding. He brings interactivity to the sessions, which makes sure that they’re relevant to attendees no matter what their background or business need. Mapchester’s trainer, Nick Hall, has a technical certification in MapInfo Pro from Precisely.

He’s also there once the session has finished as follow-up support, either by phone or email once you’ve finished the course.