MapInfo 32 to 64 bit Conversion Course


MapInfo ProfessionalThis one-day course designed for MapInfo Pro users who have only the older 32 bit MapInfo interface and who are now upgrading to the new and improved 64 bit version, usually V19.


The course is designed as an aid to transfer skills and knowledge from older versions of MapInfo Pro to the newer 64 bit versions. The course is run as a hands-on look at the main changes to the software, with training notes provided for revision and training purposes. Users will learn how to adapt and improve their use of the software especially around work flows, on-going projects and new ways to achieve map or data outputs and the basic analysis of spatial information.


The final part of the course is working through some real-world examples of how the interface has changed and its impact on mapping processes.  The user will learn more efficient techniques to become more confident with the new program. 


Courses can be delivered as a very detailed 1-to-1 course or as a private course for more trainees.  For course costs and available dates please contact us on the link below.

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MapInfo 32 to 64 bit Conversion Course

1. What’s New and What’s Changed

  • Tabs, the ribbon and galleries
  • Context sensitive tabs and galleries.
  • Workspaces
  • Managing windows
  • Explorer!
  • New tool manager
  • Precisely Credits

2. Using Shortcuts

  • Map right click
  • Layouts right click
  • Quick Access Tool Bar and Ribbon
  • New Button types

3. Presentation of Data

  • Layout window and dynamic frames
  • Scales and legends
  • Templates and template management
  • Thematics- layer control, filtering

4. Conversion Examples

  • 32-bit workspace to 64-bit workspace
  • Converting Layouts
  • Layouts
  • Using New Search feature
  • Using 32-bit tools