RouteFinder Pro for MapInfo Training Course


MapInfo ProfessionalThis course examines the networking, isochrones and drive-time capabilities of using RouteFinder Pro in conjunction with MapInfo Pro.

Attendees on this course have a good working understanding of MapInfo Pro, although some of its specific functions are covered on the course.

The course utilises V15 (32 bit)or V17 (64 bit) MapInfo Prowith V5 of RouteFinder Pro and is run as a hands-on session. Training notes are provided for back-up and revision purposes.

Once completed, the course will give attendees the knowledge on how to create and use data derived from a road network within MapInfo Pro.

Courses can be delivered as a very detailed 1-to-1 course or as a private course for more trainees.  For course costs and available dates please contact us on the link below.


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RouteFinder Pro for MapInfo Course Outline

1. Introduction to RouteFinder

  • Primary functions
  • Data requirements: node/link
  • Using the node/link check

2. Network and settings

  • Creating a network from a table, with associated data requirements
  • Main route options: modes, direction lists, styles
  • Drive-time options: zones or donuts and different accuracy levels
  • Travelling salesmen settings
  • How to set road speeds

3. The Toolbar

  • Smoothing
  • Updating a point table from the results, both time and distance
  • Calculating:
    • Routes and travelling salesmen routes
    • Link and multilink drive-time
    • Polygon or Voronoi drive-time
    • IsoGrid and closest centres

4. Batch Functions

  • TSP – from tables
  • Selecting locations and distance matrix
  • Route pairs
  • Allocating points to a road
  • Nearest centres
  • Batch drive-times

5. MapInfo Pro with RouteFinder results

  • Updating columns
  • Proportional sums and averages for overlapping isochrones
  • Data and file management

Full 64 bit RouteFinder course description (PDF) – coming soon!!!