MapInfo Expert - 32 Bit Training Course


MapInfo ProfessionalThe Expert MapInfo Pro 32-bit training course is for the user with good knowledge of and experience in using the software.


This course is specifically for V15 or earlier versions of the software and includes the same hands-on approach combined with training notes that you’re used to.


The one-day course helps give users a wider understanding of what MapInfo Pro can do. It teaches them how to perform complex operations and analysis, and to be able to support a more corporate approach to the software which considers other users and sharing data.


Places on the course cost £300 (excluding VAT) per person. Discounted rates are available for multiple trainees attending the course or trainees attending multiple courses.

Forthcoming Training Courses - MapInfo Expert - 32 Bit

  • We are moving to new premises in Central Manchester - future dates to be announced shortly.

MapInfo Expert - 32 Bit Course Outline

1. MapBasic utilities and the Tool menu

  • Tool manager
  • Tools which group MapInfo functions
  • Tools which add MapInfo functionality
  • Tools which make MapInfo easier to use

2. Further Thematic Mapping

  • Showing more than one attribute on a map
  • Thematics produced from joining data
  • Grid thematics

3. The Table Menu

  • Update column or dynamic browsers
  • Proportional sums, averages and weighted browsers
  • Combining objects from attributes in the browser
  • The redistricting window

4. The Object Menu

  • Combining, splitting and erasing functions
  • Aggregation and disaggregation
  • Voronoi and table menu Voronoi
  • Convex hulls
  • Spatial data checks

5. MapInfo Pro setup and setting preferences

  • Files, tables and workspace management
  • Table structures with metadata
  • Table maintenance and packing tables
  • Individual user’s menu, shortcuts and preference settings