MapInfo Expert - 64 Bit Training Course


MapInfo Professional


Online virtual training - details coming soon.

For more information please call Nick on 0161 773 5021


MapInfo Expert - 64 Bit - Course Outline

1. MapBasic utilities and the Tool gallery

  • Tools
  • Tools which group MapInfo functions
  • Tools which add MapInfo functionality
  • Tools which make MapInfo easier to use
  • Using 64-bit tools and old 32-bit tools

2. Further thematic mapping

  • Showing more than one attribute on a map
  • Thematics produced from joining data
  • Grid thematics

3. Advanced functions on Table and Map ribbon

  • Update column or dynamic browsers
  • Proportional sums, averages and weighted averages
  • Redistricter
  • Append Rows

4. Advanced functions on Spatial ribbon

  • Combining, splitting and erasing functions
  • Combining objects from attributes in the browser
  • Aggregation and disaggregation
  • Voronoi
  • Convex hulls
  • Fix/clean

5. MapInfo Pro setup and setting preferences

  • Files, tables and workspace management
  • Table structures with meta data
  • Table maintenance and packing tables
  • Individual user’s menu, shortcuts and preference settings