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Mapchester has a range of packages for client support and assistance.  Even with extensive training MapInfo Pro and its myriad of associated add-ons, functions and data may still raise issues. Our 20 years of experience more than qualify us to help resolve these issues, with friendly and useful advice no matter what the problem.


Basic to Advanced MapInfo phone/email support

This service offers clients wide ranging help around their use of MapInfo Pro. Issues can be with the MapInfo software itself; the best way to perform a one-off task or to structure that awkward SQL query that may be challenging to the user.  We are only a phone call or email away.  Packages vary from phone and email contact to emergency site visits (location dependent).  This service is an annual contract, ranging from £800 to £1,750. Costs will depend on the number of users included in the contract. For more information and costs please contact us.

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Step-by-step advice

This service concentrates on situations when, rather than just an occasional or one-off problem, our clients need continuous help for a complex project, maybe spread over a few days.  This option allows the users to call or email our consultants for advice at every stage of the work to keep the project on track.  Our experience shows that this can prevent the wasting of many hours of work as users keep focused and channelled through a guided, task by task process. This service is a fixed price offering per project, although the duration of the contract can spread out over days or even weeks. For more information and costs please contact us.

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Call-off contract

Some clients require long-term assistance covering all things MapInfo within their organisation.  Our consultants here at Mapchester have a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector, solving a wide range of problems and scenarios.  Several of our clients already buy a set number of days and then utilise those hours as and when required.  This can be utilised from anything as small as an hour up to whole days on site. Clients in the North of England do not incur fees for our travelling.  Any purchase of 5 days or more will automatically benefit from the MapInfo phone/email support package as well. For more information and costs please contact us.

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