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Mapchester LogoMapInfo Pro: Helping it work for you

We know that MapInfo Pro can be a complicated piece of software to use. 

That’s why we’re here to guide you through how it uses data and which add-on applications are available. It’s all part of our service that will comprehensively show you how to use your software.

We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients from many industries and disciplines.

And whoever that client may be, our aim is always the same: to develop their understanding of MapInfo through our professional yet relaxed training, support and consultancy.

Here’s what we can offer your people:

  • Training, from tailored one-to-one sessions to departmental or Company wide group courses
  • Support, from simple phone calls or emails to on-site assistance
  • Consultancy, from initially setting up a MapInfo project to long-term call-off contracts
  • Software, from purchasing a single MapInfo Pro license to assisting in managing licenses in volume to add-on application recommendation and specification

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MapInfo Training

Mapchester’s trainer, Nick Hall, has more than 20 years’ experience in making sure you get the best from whichever version of MapInfo you’re using. Nick has been awarded a technical certification in MapInfo Pro from Precisely.

Nick offers training sessions featuring hands-on examples of how to use your software. He’ll be there with step-by-step instructions together with detailed, bespoke explanations if your requirements are more complex.

You can rest assured that your training will work exclusively for you and your needs. Your session can be delivered away from the distractions of your office, or on-site if you’d like a more specific look at how to use MapInfo with existing data and systems.

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MapInfo Services

For your project to succeed, you need assistance from a knowledgeable source. You need an expert eye on your data’s specification, creation and management.

Mapchester is that expert eye. We can recommend data structures or dataset purchases. We’ll manage and translate Ordnance Survey data in either PSMA or OS Opendata format.

And once your data is in place, you can contact Mapchester by phone or email to discuss its continued maintenance. We even offer call-off contracts so we can come and see you and examine the application of your software and any related data issues.

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MapInfo Software

MapInfo Pro is a powerful mapping application with many, many functions. It runs on Microsoft Windows and is used by GIS professionals and data analysts worldwide. It helps them visualise complicated relationships between geography and business data.

The software is designed to be usable, so long as you know what you’re doing. This is where Mapchester comes in.

We’ll show you how it is integrated and so can be used on your desktop, on the web and while you’re on the move.  Precisely provides a range of diverse GIS products to meet these needs. It’s software that is used extensively by the public sector and private businesses, and it sets the standard for the effective creation, editing and analysis of spatial data.

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